About Us  

In 2009, Uncle Milton and Lucasfilm partnered together to launch a new line of toys – Star Wars Science.  The idea was simple – to develop toys inspired by science and technology from the Star Wars world, to connect them to real science learning in our own world and, ultimately, to inspire kids to learn more about science!   
The Star Wars Science products provide unique, innovative toy experiences that incorporate and celebrate different areas of science – both in playing with the toy and in reading the educational material provided that make direct connections and draw parallels between these two worlds.  From Neuroscience to Astronomy, Volcanology to Aerodynamics, there are a wide variety of science areas that kids can discover through Star Wars Science toys.  And, the authentic designs of these items can provide unique, collectible products for Star Wars fans of all ages.

Take a closer look and experience the world of Star Wars in a whole new way!

Uncle Milton, a division of Basic Fun!, is a leader in the science and educational toy category, with a portfolio that includes many top entertainment and educational licenses as well as proprietary brands.  The flagship Ant Farm® brand ant habitat, first introduced in 1956, is a toy industry icon that has delighted generations of families in uncovering the amazing underground world of ants.  Since then, Uncle Milton has created many innovative brands including Ever Wonder?™ and Virtual Explorer and other brands with products that span across many product categories including science toys, activity and outdoor toys, room décor, games and puzzles, seasonal toys, gifts, and more.

For more information on Uncle Milton brands and products, go to unclemilton.com.